Sheriff Donald M. Keeler Jr.

Chief Deputy Charles S. Clark Jr.
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  • Transport Division

    The Addison County Sheriff's Department moves prisoners to and from regional correctional facilities, and courthouse(s) around the state of Vermont.

    Upon request by the Addison County State's Attorney, we also transport wanted persons awaiting extradition back to Vermont in order for them to answer to the alleged crimes they may have committed in Addison County.

    In addition, by state statute we move anyone who is ordered to undergo emergency psychiatric evaluation for the Department of Mental Health or facilities designated by the Commissioner of the Department of Mental Health on an emergency on-call basis.

    We also move mental health patients for the 24/7 On-call Emergency Services, you can contact them by phone by calling (802) 388-7641 - Counseling Services of Addison County (CSAC).

    On occasion, we also get calls to transport juveniles for the Department of Children and Families.