Sheriff Donald M. Keeler Jr.

Chief Deputy Charles S. Clark Jr.
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Sheriff Donald M. Keeler Jr.

Sheriff Keeler has been with the Addison County Sheriff's Department since 1972. During that time Sheriff Keeler has held the rank of Deputy, Sergeant, First Sergeant. Sheriff Keeler also served as High Baliff from February 2000 to April 16, 2012.

On July 3, 2012, Sheriff Keeler was appointed by Governor Peter Shumlin becoming the Fortieth Addison County Sheriff on record. Sheriff Keeler took the reigns after the passing of Sheriff James B. Coons on April 16, 2012.

Sheriff Keeler currently serves as a Firearms Instructor at the Vermont Police Academy and has since 1988. Sheriff Keeler also serves as Chair of the Use of Force Committee for the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council.

Sheriff Keeler is a native of Addison County for over 70 years. Sheriff Keeler has served for numerous years on many community boards and committees. He continues to serve and protect the communities of Addison County.